Microfinance means providing very poor families with microcredits to help them engage in productive activities or to develop their micro-projects over time.


  • Gold guarantees
  • Shop warranties
  • Commercial guarantees


• He must be of Yemeni nationality.


• Age is over 18 and younger than 60.


• Bring an identity document (personal, family, passport)


• The client should not be any other financial programs or institutions and he should not have any other obligations or debts that he is unable to pay.


• To have a good reputation and not to be close to the first degree of a branch employee.


• The residence should be fixed / stable and preferably owned.


• The ability to provide a guarantee.


• Experience and eligibility.


• The size of the facility should be commensurate with the size of the financing.


• Contributing to the value of the asset or equipment by a percentage of no less than 10% of its value for clients with zero projects.


The Murabaha system is permissible and far from patronage, and a group of scholars have issued a fatwa and search for yourself on the subject of murabaha in YouTube. If it is forbidden, I will not work with financing and The Prophet said (Dates for dates, wheat for wheat and Barley for barley), and if different varieties there is no dispute, we give you the goods for money.

3 days at most from the hour of submitting the application in case you are equipped with all your papers (the store's proof, personal cards for you and for the guarantor, and bring the price offer as well).

According to the amount and period, and its percentage is simple, as it is only 2% per a month.

• Two personal photos 6 * 4

• A copy of the identification document (ID card, family, passport) of the client and the guarantor.

• A copy of the commercial registry of the guarantor

• A copy of the lease contract for the guarantor and the customer’s place in case that the shop is a lease or proof of ownership for the guarantor or the customer in case that the shop is owned.

• A copy of the customer’s and guarantor’s profession practice license.

From 100,000 - 500,000 Yemeni Riyals

You are one of the distinguished clients and this is proof that you are able to pay twice the installment, so you will get goods with twice the previous financing.