nano loans

It is a service provided by National Microfinance Foundation for its customers and non-customers, which enables them to pay their monthly bills in a nano-predecessor way.


Service benefits

- Saving time and effort.

- You can manage your accounts effectively and efficiently from anywhere and at any time using your mobile phone.

- The service is provided to all National Microfinance Foundation clients all over Yemen.

- You can pay your mobile bills.

- Payment of monthly obligations, landline, water, electricity, internet - under development.

How to use the service

1- Payment service for mobile phone bills - Pay

This service enables you to pay the monthly obligations - bills - Aljawal for all telecom companies in Yemen with the amount determined by the available packages and the balance:


Yemen Mobile


Spa iPhon


How to get the service

1- Registering through the National Messenger


2- Send your phone number registration


2- Follow the instructions sent to confirm your account


3- A link to the service subscription form will be sent, fill out the form.


4- Completion of filling in the form, instructions will be sent to use the service.


Method of Payment

The service is paid through the following institution accounts:


# Bank account number

1 Agricultural Credit Bank 1003142310

2Yemen Commercial Bank 65052001000

3 Bank of Yemen and Kuwait 146274

4 International Bank 527900